IEPEC 2017 Conference


Jared Powell

“I’d Like to Fix Your Attic, But I’m Late for Another Appointment: Innovative Approaches to Uncovering the Real-World Practices of Weatherization Contractors” (click here for full paper)

Russell M. Meyer

“All The Lights We Cannot See: Estimating the Distribution of Upstream Lighting Program Bulbs” (click here for full paper)

Zack Tyler

“How’s that for Performance? Changes in New Construction Practices Over Time” (click here for full paper)

Tom Mauldin

“Leveraging Home Energy Scores in a Residential Baseline Study” (click here for full paper)

Alyssa Na’im

“A Tale of Two Channels: Assessing the Effectiveness of a Small Business Direct Install Program”(click here for full paper)

David Barclay

“Keep Calm and Carry On: Why Upstream Lighting Programs Are Still Important” (click here for full paper)

Kiersten von Trapp

“It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again: More Revelations from a Lighting Panel Study” (click here for full paper)

Greg Clendenning

“Saving Lives through Energy Efficiency: Valuing the Health- and Safety-Related Benefits of Weatherization in Low-Income Homes” (click here for full paper)


Jerrad Pierce

“Five Stars – Would Totally Buy Again!!!! A Novel Method and Data Source to Study Consumer Lighting Decision-Making” (click here for description)

Melissa Meek

“How the Other Half Lights: An Analysis of Purchase and Installation Demographic Patterns” (click here for description)

Scott Walker

“Best Frenemies: A Comparison of Shelf Stocking and Web Scraping” (click here for description)

Chris Russell

“America’s Next Bulb Model—Predicting Lighting Market Change in Response to Laws and Consumer Adoption Since 2012” (click here for description)

David Barclay & Kiersten von Trapp

“Party Like It’s 2020: EISA Phase 2 – An Examination of DOE Rulemaking and Implications for Programs” (click here for description)

Lauren Abraham

“Deep Dish: In-depth Interviews across Diverse Populations” (click here for description)


Lisa Wilson-Wright participated in a panel, It Was the Best of Times – It Was the Worst of Times: Examining the Rapidly Changing Residential Lighting Market, moderated by Scott Dimetrosky.