Our Work

NMR specializes in evaluating energy-efficiency and renewable energy programs and conducting related market research. Since 2001, NMR’s projects have addressed a wide range of energy use applications and issues.

Featured Projects

Research Areas

Populations Researched

  • Residential Customers
  • Commercial and Industrial Customers
  • Manufacturers, Contractors, and Distributors
  • Retail Chain Decision Makers
  • Building and Facility Managers
  • Builders, Architects, and Engineers
  • Government Agencies
  • Low-income Customers

Program Measures

  • Lighting, Appliances, & Products
  • HVAC & Hot Water
  • New Construction
  • Whole-house
  • Behavioral
  • C&I Prescriptive & Custom
  • Renewable Energy
  • Weatherization

Data Security Protocols:

Our data security protocols (i) ensure the security of non-public client data, (ii) protect against threats to the data’s security or integrity, (iii) protect against unauthorized access, and (iv) meet all applicable legal requirements. All customer data is considered confidential and is housed in a secure SharePoint site or local server, transmitted in encrypted format, and stored on password-secured devices, as appropriate. Our data security protocols include a Written Information Security Policy (WISP) to ensure compliance with our clients’ informational security requirements. Employees receive training and annual retraining on NMR’s WISP. We also require subcontractors to follow strict data security protocols.

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