Monica Nevius, PhD


Monica Nevius has 20 years of experience in the efficiency program evaluation industry. She is the primary client liaison for the Massachusetts cross-cutting contract, for which NMR is the prime contractor. Since joining NMR, she has designed and managed market characterization and assessment studies of business and consumer electronics and lighting; impact evaluation studies of residential lighting; process evaluations of a residential CAC program, a small business direct installation program, and of education and other support for commercial building benchmarking; a study identifying and reviewing effective practices for the planning, design, implementation, and evaluation of residential market transformation efforts; and a study to identify market effects measurement methods for programs operating in specific markets, such as residential and commercial HVAC markets.

Prior to joining NMR in 2011, she led the evaluation, research, and behavior work at the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE). At CEE, she established initiatives both to support the needs of energy-efficiency program administrators related to program evaluation and to incorporate insights about behavior change from the social sciences into program design and marketing. She also established and managed legacy projects, including the annual national survey of household awareness of the ENERGY STAR® label, the annual “State of the Energy Efficiency Program Industry” survey and report, and the clearinghouse of market assessment and program evaluation reports.

She has developed and presented evaluation training for regulators in conjunction with the Institute for Public Utilities and has been an invited speaker at Camp NARUC. She is a member of the Planning Committee for the International Energy Program Evaluation Conference, and chaired the 2017 conference.

Monica holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of Wisconsin. She enjoys making and experiencing all kinds of art, kayaking, weightlifting, and especially spending time with her daughter.