Melissa Meek

Senior Project Manager

Melissa Meek has led and contributed to numerous residential and commercial evaluations since joining NMR in 2016. Her experience includes on-site data collection and analysis, survey design, in-depth interviewing, net-to-gross analysis, and lighting and products research. She recently led NMR’s technical potential study, evaluating existing measure saturation in the residential market in a Northeastern state and the potential for additional savings across fuel types and efficiency standards. Melissa has extensive experience in quantitative and qualitative analysis across a variety of research topics. She is fluent in several programming languages, including R and SPSS, with a focus on dataset management, statistical analysis, and data visualization.

Melissa holds an M.A. in International Relations from Koç University in Istanbul, Turkey, and a B.A. in Government and Politics from University of Maryland, College Park. Melissa loves traveling and being outdoors. Outside of work, she devotes much of her time volunteering at organizations around the city through Boston Cares.