Lynn Hoefgen, PhD

Founder and President Emeritus

Lynn Hoefgen has over 25 years of experience in energy-related evaluation and market research. For many years, he worked for the US EPA as Research Director of efforts in support of the ENERGY STAR label. He has been a key member of the team that helped NYSERDA coordinate and supervise other evaluation contractors, has for several years helped write NYSERDA’s annual program evaluation and status report, and has set up a system to track indicators of program success. He led a team for the sponsors of the Massachusetts programs that developed long-term evaluation plans for three residential programs, and for years has led broad-ranging evaluations of their residential products and new homes programs. He has been the principal investigator for numerous market effects and market transformation studies using multiple methods across the U.S. for various types of markets.

Lynn holds a PhD in Anthropology from the University of Florida, where he conducted his dissertation research on the reintegration of returnees from the colonies into Portuguese life after Portugal’s “Carnation Revolution.” When not in Cambridge or Somerville, he and his wife Ruth continue to spend time in Portugal and refresh their Portuguese language skills at their vacation house overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. He walks nearly everywhere he goes in Cambridge and Somerville, not only to reduce his carbon footprint, but also for his great enjoyment – and to run errands!