Chris Russell, PhD

Senior Quantitative Analyst

Chris Russell has extensive experience in the use of quantitative and qualitative research techniques and in monitoring and evaluating energy-efficiency programs. She has used multiple types of regression models to carry out billing analyses to evaluate energy reduction behavioral programs while isolating the segment of the population most responsible for the energy savings. In order to create a lighting baseline during the rapid market change likely to occur in the face of federal EISA regulations she helped to create a market adoption model that predicts consumer lighting purchases, delta watts, and energy savings during the period of EISA implementation and beyond. She was the main statistical analyst in the Multistate CFL Evaluation project, which involved developing statistical models to estimate the market effects of CFL programs based on thousands of telephone interviews and hundreds of in-home visits.

She has extensive experience in the use of advanced statistical techniques to understand a wide range of real world applications and inform social policy. This includes conducting multivariate and non-linear regression analysis, spatial regression, and clustering analyses, as well as hazard and survival analysis. In addition to these advanced statistical approaches, she has ample experience performing descriptive statistical analysis, interpretation, and reporting. She has also designed and administered surveys and conducted qualitative in-depth interviews.

Chris holds a PhD in Demography from Texas A&M University. She relishes spending time with her family and also attempts distance running in the Texas heat.