NMR Chats Commercial & Industrial with Yogi Patil

We chatted with Director of Engineering Yogi Patil about NMR’s work in the commercial and industrial sector.

Can you share a bit of your background and your areas of expertise?
I am a Director of Engineering here at NMR and have been in the energy industry for about 22 years. My experience includes conducting impact evaluations, comprehensive energy audits, demand response studies, and baseline studies, among others.
What is NMR’s role in the commercial and industrial sector? What most excites you about NMR’s work right now?
NMR conducts market characterization studies, net-to-gross studies, impact evaluations, process evaluations, and baseline studies, like this recent one. We have been increasing our market share in the sector and doing more measurement and verification work through impact evaluations — here’s an example of that work from 2020. I’m excited about building and fine tuning our analysis tools, especially adapting the residential self-audit tool for C&I.
What hopes do you have for NMR in C&I?
We hope to grow our presence, demonstrating the diversity of roles we have played and will continue to play while doing quality work.