IEPEC 2019: Research and Evaluation in a Changing Energy Landscape

“As always, a great week at IEPEC. It was a treat to catch up with colleagues, clients, and collaborators. I am constantly amazed at how much talent and drive we have in our industry.” – David Barclay, NMR Director 


NMR was proud to present on a variety or topics – everything from code compliance to advanced power strips – at the 2019 IEPEC. Below, we include all of our papers and presentations.



Jared Powell

“Pushing the Market: Measuring Market Effects in Residential New Construction” (click here for full paper)

Zack Tyler

“Giving Credit Where Credit is Due: Assessing Attribution and Savings from a Building Energy Code Compliance Enhancement Program” (click here for full paper)

Rohit Vaidya

“The Great Migration: Moving Energy Efficiency Programs to Midstream” (click here for full paper)

Julian Ricardo

“Hard Times for an Honest Logger: Optimizing a Small Business Direct Install Logger Study in an M&V 2.0 Landscape” (click here for full paper)

David Barclay

“Scotty, We Need More Power! A Complete Examination of Advanced Power Strips” (click here for full paper)




Shirley Pon

“Age Before Beauty? Stability and Change in Recycling Program Savings Over Time” (click here for description and poster)

David Barclay

“Do You Know What’s in Your Basement? Comparing Self-reported Data with Reality” (click here for description and poster)

Monica Nevius

“Visualizing Net-to-Gross: Where’s my Google Map?” (click here for description and poster)

Yogi Patil

“EF, MEF, and IMEF, Oh My! Coping with Changes in Efficiency Definitions” (click here for description and poster)

Jared Powell

“This Home Checks All the Boxes! Using On-site Home Checklists to Assess Heat Pump Technical Potential” (click here for description and poster)

Julian Ricardo

“Anything They Can Do We Can Do Better: Examining Major Retailers’ Pricing Trends to Optimize an Efficiency Marketplace” (click here for description and poster)