Market Effects

Client: California Public Utilities Commission

Project: Residential New Construction Market Effects Study

NMR led the effort to identify and quantify market effects stemming from the California investor-owned utilities’ residential new construction programs. This project involved on-site assessment of new home efficiency, assessment of historical data on construction practices, and surveys or in-depth interviews with builders, subcontractors, Title 24 consultants, HERS raters, building department officials, program staff, and industry experts.

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Clients: Massachusetts Program Administrators

Project: Massachusetts Cross-Cutting Market Effects

NMR is leading the effort to develop a framework for the evaluation of market effects for programs targeting reductions in residential and commercial energy use and demand, with the goal of helping to ensure methodological consistency of market effects measurement across research areas and programs. This has included holding workshops to help key stakeholders better understand the conditions that are most likely to result in market effects and identify the markets in which programs are most likely to produce substantial market effects and prioritize them for study. It has also included developing market models and program logic models to support market effects measurement; laying out the general approaches used in measuring market effects; and developing plans for measuring the effects of selected programs on the markets for residential and commercial HVAC equipment, commercial lighting and controls, and non-residential new construction.