New Construction

Clients: Massachusetts Program Administrators, National Grid – Rhode Island, Connecticut Energy Efficiency Board, Vermont Department of Public Services

Project: Residential New Construction Baseline Studies for Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Vermont

NMR led a team to evaluate Massachusetts energy efficiency programs in the residential new construction (RNC) area from 2010 through 2012. Specific projects included baseline studies of single-family and multi-family new construction, which were used to update the User Defined Reference Home (UDRH) used in calculating program savings and to assess code compliance at the beginning of a code cycle. Three additional states (Connecticut, New Hampshire and Rhode Island) also participated in these studies.

Read the Massachusetts 2011 Baseline Study of Single-Family Residential New Construction Final Report
Read the Rhode Island 2011 Baseline Study of Single-Family Residential New Construction Final Report
Read the Connecticut 2011 Baseline Study of Single-Family Residential New Construction Final Report

Clients: Massachusetts Program Administrators

Project: MA RNC Net Impacts

The Massachusetts Residential New Construction (MA RNC) Net Impacts study was designed to estimate the net impacts that may be attributed to the Massachusetts Residential New Construction Program for single-family homes and the net-to-gross ratio for the program. The study used a multi-step methodology consisting of a builder survey, a Delphi study involving a panel of experts in energy-efficient new construction, modeling of home energy usage under the counterfactual assumption that the Program had not existed from 2004 to 2011, and comparing the as-built modeled energy usage to the estimate from the counterfactual models. This approach was developed to account for as many factors as possible that might have influenced the adoption of energy-efficient construction practices.

Read the 2014 Massachusetts Residential New Construction Net Impacts Report

Client: Vermont Department of Public Service

Project: Residential Sector Market Assessment and Baseline Study for New Construction and Existing Homes

A team led by NMR and including Dorothy Conant, DNV GL (formerly KEMA), and EFG, have twice assessed the market for single- and multi-family new construction and existing homes in Vermont. The studies involved hundreds of telephone surveys with homeowners and on-site energy audits. In addition, the team interviewed a variety of trade allies, including HVAC contractors. The final component was a code compliance study for newly constructed homes.

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