Low Income Programs

Client: Efficiency Maine

Project: Process and Impact Evaluation the Low Income Appliance Replacement Program

The process evaluation includes in-depth staff and contractor interviews; the impact evaluation includes telephone surveys with participating customers and on-site visits to homes to verify installation and record hours of use.

Clients: Nova Scotia Power

Project: Process and Impact Evaluation of the NSPI Low Income Program

NMR is conducting a process and impact evaluation of Nova Scotia Power’s Low Income REAP program. The process evaluation is based on interviews with program staff, in-depth interviews with contractors, and a survey of participants. The impact evaluation is based on a review of savings assumptions and estimates in pre- and post-retrofit energy usage calculations.

Clients: Connecticut Light & Power, United Illuminating

Project: Process Evaluation of the Northeast Utilities WRAP Program and UI Helps Low-income Weatherization Program

NMR assessed the program implementation performance of two low-income programs in Connecticut, characterizing the target market for the programs by triangulating from census data, program participation data, and participant surveys and identifying barriers to program delivery.