Client: California Public Utilities Commission

Project: HVAC Program Market Effects

NMR is leading a study to establish baseline of current maintenance and installation practices and market share for HVAC quality maintenance (QM) and quality installation (QI) programs in California. Focused on the residential and small commercial sectors, the study includes surveys of customers and contractors, and field assessments of recently installed and recently maintained HVAC systems.

Clients: Massachusetts Energy Efficiency Program Administrators

Project: HVAC Supply Side Scoping Study

NMR is leading a study to help develop a broad outline of the distribution system and identify the major manufacturers and distributors in the market for residential and commercial HVAC systems in Massachusetts. The study encompasses both residential and commercial HVAC systems including furnaces and boilers, central air conditioning systems (including heat pumps, packaged rooftop units, split systems), and chillers.

Client: Gas Networks

Project: Process and Impact Evaluation of Natural Gas Heating and Water Heating Program

NMR conducted a process and impact evaluation of Gas Networks‘ Residential High Efficiency Heating and Water Heating Equipment Program (HEHE). With Cadmus as a subcontractor, the impact evaluation included estimating gas savings impacts for measures installed by participants. Program elements assessed in the process evaluation included program design, marketing, delivery, awareness, participation, customer experience, satisfaction, free ridership, contractor role in program implementation, contractor installation practices, and effectiveness of rebate processing contractors. Based on in-depth interviews with program staff, program implementers, program contractors, rebate processing contractors, circuit riders, supply houses and big box stores; and surveys of program participants, and participating and nonparticipating contractors.

Read the HEHE Process and Impact Evaluation Integrated Report Findings