Our Carbon Footprint


Being efficient and “green” Is more than a business model for NMR; it represents a personal commitment to our community and our planet. 



Low-Carbon Commuting  

Nearly half of our staff members are full-time telecommuters, thus reducing the carbon emissions associated with utilities and commuting. Those who do work in the office, get there by walking, biking, or taking public transportation.




Green Office Spaces 

NMR leases solar panels to provide electricity to our offices. We also compost our food waste, print double-sided on 100% recycled paper, recycle our paper and plastics, and use environmentally friendly cleaning products. 


Our 2016 Carbon Assessment 

Each year, NMR participates in a corporate-wide carbon footprint assessment that measures our contribution to carbon dioxide emissions. The results of this assessment are used as the basis for purchasing offsets for 100% of the carbon emissions we are responsible for.

NMR’s 2016 business activities (including travel) resulted in 191,042 pounds, or 87 metric tons, of carbon dioxide emissions. This is just over double the results of the previously published 2012 carbon assessment—an increase that reflects the opening of a new office in that time (more than doubling the square footage of office space), major growth in the number of employees at NMR, and an increase in project-associated travel.

Accordingly, NMR purchased and retired Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) allowances from the Carbon Lighthouse Association for 100% of the 87 tons of emissions our business was responsible for. In choosing to purchase and retire RGGI allowances, NMR supports the regional effort to improve energy efficiency and curb carbon emissions.