Michael Strom, PhD

Senior Project Manager

Michael Strom’s background in statistics and quantitative analysis prepared him for his role at NMR. He has utilized high-level statistical techniques to address issues in varying fields and methodologies, from courtroom decision-making to advances in medical science. His expertise includes the usage of multivariate and non-linear regression analysis, structural equation modeling, and mixed model analysis of variance. He recently led the analysis of five waves of consumer telephone and onsite saturation studies across Massachusetts and Connecticut. He has further brought his quantitative skills to bear at NMR in the design and incorporation of new methods for calculating price elasticity, willingness-to-pay, and project savings. He also has experience in qualitative analysis and survey design, recently aggregating and analyzing data from several focus groups to evaluate consumers’ opinions and likely purchasing behavior in response to the Energy Independence and Security Act’s phase-out of incandescent light bulbs. He received his PhD in Psychology from Brandeis University, where he taught Research Methods and Statistics prior to joining NMR. In his free time, Michael enjoys running, golf, summers in Maine, and cheering on the Boston Red Sox. mstrom@nmrgroupinc.com