Jared Powell

Project Manager

Jared Powell assists with energy efficiency program evaluations by conducting interviews, analyzing qualitative and quantitative data, gathering secondary research, moderating focus groups, and drafting and editing reports. As a RESNET-certified HERS rater, he has also conducted more than 100 comprehensive energy audits throughout New England, collecting and analyzing data used in residential building programs, including baseline studies designed to compare the true performance of homes to various legislative and regulatory standards. He was formerly the Senior Paralegal and Research Associate at a prestigious Washington, DC, law firm specializing in regulatory affairs.  He is currently pursuing a Professional Science MS graduate degree through the Environmental, Earth, and Ocean Sciences department of the University of Massachusetts Boston, and holds a BA in Political Science from Williams College. A native of Texas, Jared has been with NMR since 2009. He enjoys travel, art and architecture, and riding and repairing bicycles. jpowell@nmrgroupinc.com