Sample Projects: Clean and Renewable Energy

Client: Connecticut Clean Energy Fund

Project: Program Evaluation

For several years, NMR has been evaluating the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund’s efforts. We have conducted annual surveys among Connecticut residents to gauge public awareness of and attitudes toward clean energy compared to those of residents from across the contiguous United States. In addition, NMR: 1) monitors and tracks enrollments in the Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control’s Clean Energy Option Program and other voluntary clean energy purchases, community participation in CCEF programs, and media coverage of CCEF and clean energy in Connecticut; 2) estimates energy consumed by participants in the Connecticut Clean Energy Option; and 3) produces monthly and semi-annual reports summarizing community participation, purchasing activity, energy consumed, and environmental benefits indicators.

Client: Long Island Power Authority (LIPA)

Project: Evaluation of the Solar Pioneer PV Program

This study assessed the market effects attributed to LIPA’s Solar Pioneer Program. The study included: in-depth interviews with manufacturers, PV contractors, utility planners, commercial customers, and other market actors; a telephone survey of participating and non-participating homeowners; and a review of other PV programs. The objectives were to estimate values for key indicators of market changes expected to result from the program; to validate or refine LIPA’s assumptions about the structure and functioning of the rooftop solar PV market and the barriers to PV market transformation; and to identify any market segments or niches that offer special opportunities for the residential rooftop solar PV market.